The strategy of my installations is to make spatial situations and their "outer" systems behind them visible by means of pictorial / sculptural interventions, thereby redefining the rooms, opening them up, or "turning them inside out" in a sculptural way. to formally dissolve certain existing boundaries.
I am particularly interested in potential free spaces and like to use cavities, volumes, "boxes" or already existing constructive structures, which refer to underlying more complex world orders by means of accentuations such as coloring, doubling, framing, reflections or projections in the interplay of all elements. Such general world systems can express themselves in a lapidary thing, a profane facade or everyday backdrop and make the structures of the cultural conventions behind them recognizable.

In my work, the conditions of demarcation and reconstruction should become clear, which determine the experience as a result of what has been culturally learned or otherwise “conventional” and lead to inclusions and exclusions.

My interventions cause uncertainties in the visible, redirect actions and the course of time and unfold a moment of poetic resistance to the remaining time-space as meaning-restructuring elements. The result is a seemingly fragile unit, which is intended to encourage the viewer to think about “alternative models” to the existing.

Anke Westermann - Portrait